la casa dello scirocco

“Educational Shapes” Montessori school in Castelfidardo , Ancona

Patrizia Mazzoni & Partners , Conceptual Design Patrizia Mazzoni - Angelo D’Amico, Designer Mirko Duranti, Graphic design Maria Elena MaraniPatrizia Mazzoni &  Partners ,  

Conceptual Design   Patrizia Mazzoni - Angelo D’Amico,    

Designer  Mirko Duranti,      Graphic design    Maria Elena Marani


The educational phase of the children, both in early childhood and in the  adolescence is strongly influenced by the shape of objects, places, space and colors which  interact with them daily. The importance of color, shapes, materials, in the relationship, child - environment is essential, not just a matter of language,  for building  a code that can be used in any way by the child, but for the construction of a psychological climate according to  the function  of  the place.   From this premise has been born the form of  the whole school complex. Lines  curves, which follow the natural terrain modeling, a form that searches through an organic conception of stimulating  the eye to a continual search for particular: from single to the unit, from simple to complex. The structure of the building is  wooden;  the green roofs  for  bioclimatic features, while a part of the glass elements will produce energy. trough  inclusion of photovoltaic cells. The classrooms are projected outward through the solar greenhouses  to improve the overall energy,  as well as becoming  a teaching space. Light, shapes, natural materials, all to create a warm and comforting. The school complex includes two sections of primary and elementary  school , school meal, assembly hall and  special areas of aggregation.